Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fancy Pants

I basically can't get enough pants in my life right now.
A lot of you are probably thinking, "Uhh, ok... they are just pants." I realize why you'd think that. However, it's been yeaaaars since I've worn pants on the regular. It had gotten to the point where putting them on made me feel vastly uncomfortable. So this is new.

Partially, I suppose it is related to getting my dive bar summer job back, and quitting the burlesque theatre I'd been at. I really don't need to be sloshing beer all over 40s dresses, right? And while it was fun dressing up for the burlesque place, the obligation wears thin quickly. Also, no more bachelorette parties! As it turns out, being sickly polite to huge groups of drunk sorority types isn't exactly my forte. Who'd have thought.

Here are some pants pictures I've found inspiring lately....

These are family photos from the early 50s. These gals are killing it, especially their color palettes.

Jumping back a bit in time, here's these slacks from 1942.
(This article included the sentence, "women are breaking out in a rash of pants." Oh my.)

So smitten with all of that! 
I suppose this outfit is more in the vein of the 50s photos, but I am certainly keeping my eyes peeled for 40s style slacks.

In conclusion: yay, pants!


50s jeans: Lucky Vintage
40s - 50s blouse: Le Frock
Unsigned 30s - 40s Miriam Haskell dress clip: Red Light

Photos (of me) courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. I love this outfit! The print on that blouse is fantastic and all the colors you paired together are so fun!
    And I love pants- which is a weird statement to make (almost as weird as relating wearing them to getting a rash), but I stand behind it. :-)

  2. I'm working on some 40s pants right now, because I came to the same conclusion!!! And your blouse is AMAZING!

  3. Your jeans are such a fabulous colour!

  4. That blouse is fantastic!!! Loving the look!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  5. I really like the colour of your jeans and the print of the blouse. I would like more trousers but I find that they are the most difficult item of clothing to get to fit right and I so often lose patience trying them on. Good luck on your hunt!

    1. there is DEFINITELY a reason I had stopped wearing pants in the first place. So many horrible memories of going jeans shopping with my mom as a teen, sobbing in frustration. As an adult I ended up just saying the hell with them completely. I will say, the hunt is still challenging as ever. (Of course minus the teenage woe, and plus grown ass woman acceptance if it doesn't happen.) still... even these aren't perfect. (Seriously 50s frump mom butt.) But oh well, it is what it is!!

  6. Is there something, I wonder, in the water these days because suddenly, and veryyyy uncharacteristically for me, I seem to be on a pants kick, too. The blasted things almost never look good on my body, unfortunately, but occasionally I'll find a pair like my long beloved Freddies jeans that do and so I've been sporting them, and along with the few other pairs I have, a ton in the past few weeks (including on the trip to and from Vancouver last month).

    You look awesome!!! I love the combo of green pants and a yellow shirt. It's makes me think of daffodils, sunflowers and buttercups, all of which you look as beautiful as. Inspiring outfit - believe it or not, even amongst my meager number of trousers, I have green ones, so I think I might just have to give partnering them with a sunshine hued top a spin myself.

    ♥ Jessica