Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beach Outfit & Floppy Hats

Headed to a vintage beach party in a bit, sitting here in a playsuit & a sun hat.... realized I'm going to have to take off the hat to sit in the car! Sometimes vintage can be hilariously impractical. (Don't even ask me how I'll use the facilities while wearing a 40s playsuit that buttons down the back. Haven't figured that one out yet.)

So in that vein, here's my outfit, and this article on impractical floppy hats, from 1941.

Onto more impractical but pretty...

Feminine Floppy Hats, This Season’s Sensation, Get Masculine Approval

Big brims which flop in the breeze, halolike cartwheels, and countless other versions of the pretty picture hat are giving a new look to smart city streets this spring. Unlike some feminine headgear of recent years, these floppy hats cause masculine heads to turn and nod in approval.

Every spring an attempt is made to get women into big hats. Last year milliners plugged the big sailor. The lines were harsh and its succedd short-lived. This year hats are flattering and feminine. Typical are those on the cover and on this page. They shade the eyes, shorten long noses, lengthen round faces, balance wide hips and offset full bosoms. They have veils and hatpins to anchor them in the wind. They may interfere with a man’s work and play, but men will cheerfully suffer such minor inconveniences for something which will make a plain girl glamorous and a pretty girl irresistible. 

Now you see her and now you don’t in this enormous hat with rippling brim of yellow and blue felt which dips in front and in back, is shoulder width.

Velvet bows and wine veiling add soft touches to this hat of green milan

 Cluster of grapes, veil and broad brim make this a true picture hat

Off with the wind is the fate of most big hats unless fastened by veils and pins. Peggy Tippett keeps her hat from rolling in the dust by grabbing colored streamers.

In light breezes this hat made of pampas straw with crocheted edge is safe. To further insure it in a big wind it has a gadget which changes shape of hat. 

In strong wind, the brim may be pulled back by means of little cord. Brim pulled back offers no resistance to the wind and floppy hat becomes off-the-face bonnet.

 In crowded elevator big hat gets tall men in the neck, short men in the eye. A little genial co-operative head bending and slight shoulder twisting readily solves problem.
On the dance floor big hat discourages the cheek-to-cheek position and bow is troublesome. Back at table, hat’s nuisance value is overlooked in interest of prettiness.

Amorous swain ably demonstrates how to circumvent the big-hat hazard. Even the most willing girl feels better about the whole thing if she’s sure her hat is safe.

While I'm not terribly impressed by these hats (well... maybe the grape one...) I'm pretty into their commentary. And I'd be pretty ok if a guy held my hat on while smooching me. Love love love. 



  1. I like the commentary and the hats (well, most of them)! I agree that wide-brims are quite flattering to a lot of women. Yours looks great on you and especially with that cute playsuit.

    I do like the adjusting cord, that's such a potentially-bad or potentially-good idea, and I don't know which. I might have to try it and find out!

  2. This commentary gave me the giggles. Sounds like these hats will work magic on anyone. Intrigued by the pull cord to adjust the hat in the wind, I wonder if it worked?

  3. Ahh that playsuit is too good! As is that hat! I recently purchased a tilt straw hat which is completely impractical if there is the slightest bit of wind... oh well!

  4. Huge hats are definitively my favorites but you are right, sometimes not that practical because of wind or transportation... but at that time cars were made for this kind of hats! I can see the difference when I drive a modern one and when I drive my '54 Chevy... it's the same with a huge petticoat, hard to drive a modern car with one but no problem in a 50's one!
    I love your outfit, those colors are perfect for you!

  5. Haha, yeah, I could definitely feel better about kissing my husband while I wore a large hat if I knew he would hold it on for me! I'll have to see if he'd get in the habit of it for me!

  6. Yes across the board here - oh my gosh!!! I have the biggest love for wide brimmed vintage hats, be they floppy or otherwise. The better part of a couple of years ago I missed out on a BIN on eBay for an aqua hued one (that would have gone perfectly with a novelty print 50s dress I have) and will forever elevate it tot the realms of being one of those vintage pieces that got away.

    Thankfully I've found a few other really wide brimmed chapeaus before and after, including a killer medium green hued one last September and love sporting all of them during these sizzling hot days of summer, too.

    You look sensational in yours, dear gal! Love that charming playsuit, too!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. ooooh, the hat with the grapes is wonderful ... i love floppy hats - on heads of other poeple. i prefer to swoon over the beauty of these big hats but i feel quite uncomfortable wearing one myself. ... probably because of my man, he would ruin it while kissing me! ;)

  8. You look stunning, luv the shoes!

  9. so pretty I love the whole look

    retro rover

  10. You look gorgeous! And yes, the bathroom issue.. this always gets me. Any tips besides dehydration? ;)