Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gab & Denim

Here's a shocker: jeans. I've been wearing the hell out of some pants lately. 
Chartreuse rayon gab, perfect pockets. They only attached at the top, so they are pouches. 
Bakelite & leather buttons, chain stitch embroidery. Yummm.

As Jaynie & I were taking these pictures, some red-faced middle aged man, who was in a car with his teenage son, hollered "hey, smile!" at us. You know, the usual catchphrase of creeps & morons on the go. But then he got stuck at the stoplight, and had to sit there uncomfortably, as we stared at him. I can only assume what faces we were making. He muttered something like "Well come on... I mean I was just... saying..." to his son. We burst into laughter once he drove away, and I basically giggled my way through these pictures. 

Hope ya'll are doing swell.


40s blouse & 80s jeans: Lucky Vintage
40s scarf: who knows
40s (WWII era) wood necklace: flea market
40s souvenir jacket & 50s purse: Red Light
Platforms: Audley, from Edie's Shoes

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy

Thursday, June 12, 2014

80s does 40s

Hello lovelies!
Today, I'm endlessly excited to have a guest post up on Chronically Vintage. I took a bit of a time hop, and did an 80s does 40s ensemble. Hey... technically still vintage, am I right? ;)

Check it out here.

Thank you to the ever-so-wonderful Jessica for having me! She's been a favorite blogger of mine for years, and was one of my first followers when I began blogging myself. Holy moly... 2 years ago. 
Huh, nuts.


Photo courtesy of Jaynie Healy