Friday, March 14, 2014

V is for Victory Lace

Oh hey, I should write a blog post, right? Yes. Here we go. My favorite 40s suit.
Everything about it, all the yes. 

Stockings may be the only thing in my closet I never have 40s versions of. War rationing, fragility, shoddy quality... they more or less have all already been ruined. But! A dear friend recently pointed out a cheap eBay listing with 7 pairs of these WWII fishnets, and I snapped em up in an instant. To avoid the whole ration problem, these were made of cotton, with a rayon cuban heel & foot. I ended up with two patterns - Victory Lace, and Queen Anne's Lace. Ridiculously adorable names as far as I'm concerned. Bonus, they look great paired with cobra scales.

I hope you are all doing fabulous! I'm headed down to Portland in the morning to visit some friends & attend a vintage PJ party.... I will certainly take photos!


I'm being too lazy to write outfit details, it's all 40s, blah blah blah... Aaaand this is officially the laziest blog post I've ever written. *curtsies*

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy