Thursday, January 30, 2014


A few weeks ago, Jaynie & I braved a monstrous storm to go see the Franz von Stuck exhibit at the Frye Art Museum. My hat barely made it... and my wind-crumpled 40s umbrella was abandoned en route (don't worry, I broke off the bakelite handle. Can't leave bakelite behind.)... but it was soooo worth it. Hands down the best nouveau exhibit I've seen outside of Europe. Perhaps I'm off here, but there seems to be a strange misperception that art nouveau is all just pretty absinthe ads & lilies. In reality, much of it is wonderfully, brutally dark. This was a happy reminder.

Photos weren't allowed inside that section of the museum, but I tossed in a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure <3

Inferno, 1908

Salome, 1906

Tilla Durieux als Circe, 1913

Sensuality, 1898

Judith & Holofernes, 1926

Have you guys seen any good exhibits lately?
If you are in the area, this one is only here for 2 more days... get on it!
I could geek out about art nouveau all day, so feel free to join me...


1940s dress: err.. I forget. hrmm.
1940s fox collar & hat: random antique stores
1940s necklace: Lucky Dry Goods
1920s boots: Red Light

All photos (of me) courtesy of Jaynie Healy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fur & Feathers, 2014

 Last weekend, I hopped down to Portland for the annual Fur & Feathers luncheon, hosted by the lovely Julie of FabGabs. This was my third year attending (here's last year), and it's an event I always look forward to. I can honestly say this was the most fun - and most well attended - year yet. Per usual, I failed at taking pictures, because I was too preoccupied chatting. C'est la vie...

My best friend (and photographer!), Jaynie, joined me this year, which was truly the frosting on the cake. 
Here's what we wore...

...All 1940s, silly to write that in front of everything...
marmot cape // fur & feather tilt hat (borrowed from Julie!) // gabardine suit
enamel fur clip // bakelite bird // bakelite & corde clutch // cobra heels

Jaynie raided my wardrobe, love love it. On her:

silk velvet & ostrich tilt hat // pony coat
rayon jersey dress // wood & silk necklace // heels // bakelite

And here's a group photo of the crew. This wasn't even all of us, we were the stragglers!
Look at Janey (aka Atomic Redhead)'s feather tilt hat - isn't that bananas?! I can't even.

Making it a point to head south more often this year. Portland is so close, there's no sense not hanging out with these fine folks. Next month: vintage pajama party!

Are there vintage events where you folks live?


P.S. By the way... I hate to have to say this, but I suppose I should? I'm not going to argue about vintage fur. I've had fur in pictures before, and so far it hasn't been a problem, but I've seen other bloggers have mean comments about it. I don't agree with modern fur, hell I don't even buy modern clothing (sweatshops = nope). I'll delete any negative comments without batting an eye, because #idgaf. 
*dances about draped in monkey fur*

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bright Idea

This is a tale of bakelite loss, and epic redemption. Two years ago, I saw my dream bangles up for auction on eBay. I was fairly underemployed at the time, and painfully watched them sell for a disturbingly small amount of money. Needless to say, they've taunted me since. It was a set of clampers, with a celluloid chain connecting them - bakelite handcuffs!

I casually asked Jesse of Brighter Bakelite if he'd be willing to drill small holes into two matching bangles for me, so I could make my own... he basically said no, haha. It was a matter of principle. For those of you who haven't been introduced, Brighter Bakelite is a business that restores bakelite back to its original colors. Over the years, bakelite develops a yellow patina over its surface, changing the vast array of original colors into the same old hues you are familiar with - green, brown, yellow, black, etc. Jesse carefully polishes his pieces (even carved ones!), removing years of discoloration and dirt. The results are... frankly, jaw-dropping. Since Jesse is trying to restore bakelite beauties to their original glory... he wasn't about to go drilling holes in it willy nilly.

But look! When two bangles with mysterious metal loops appeared, he knew they were destined to be mine. These were a muddy brown before restoration. Jesse even got the patina out of the holes! I'm slightly convinced he is secretly a wizard.

I'm so smitten. 
It's not just the vivid hue - it's the translucent & opaque marbling, and the shine. Pictures don't do justice to how glossy they are, I'm completely blown away. I didn't really know bakelite could be this shiny.

I still can't believe I have these, so freaking lucky. Thanks again to Brighter Bakelite for keeping me on your radar! Be sure to check out his etsy shop... and try not to drool all over your keyboard. (Yeah, right.)