Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely folks out there!
Hope your holiday is full of friends, family, and cheer.
I completely failed at taking my own pictures, but I still wanted to share *something* today - here are some family photos from 1955. The "pictures" themselves aren't exactly what I love about these - it's the color quality, the clothes, and the crazy 50s prints. It's a peek into everyday life, not movie star publicity shots.

Uh... so that side of the family likes guns. (Seriously, there are guns-for-kids in 5/8 of those, lol.)
But: penny loafers, saddle shoes, cotton prints, wool, denim, flannel, that wallpaper, the furniture! 

P.S. My grandmother is the gal in the blue dress, isn't she cute?

Have a very happy New Year! See ya'll in 2014!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Spell

On the plus side.... coat season!

I'd been ogling this 40s coat on Etsy for a silly amount of time, and finally took the plunge, thanks to some birthday money from my grandmother.

Simple, but with dream tailoring & details. Herringbone woven wool, silk satin lining, swing straps, double flap pockets... And those buttons. The buttons. It's perfect.

This dress was also an online purchase, but from a Facebook group of all things. I never thought I'd buy anything on there. Honestly, I'd quit that specific group already. A lot of the items for sale on there are modern pin up or rockabilly clothes, and the actual vintage tends to be 50s (after all, it's a group for mid-century lovers). Basically, I'm just not their target audience. But when this 40s novelty print came up, my lovely friend Julie made sure to point it out to me. (Thanks, pretty lady!) ....And then I quit the group again. 

I wish you could see it in its full glory, but I'd have frozen.

So that's that.
What do you think? 
How do you all feel about Facebook groups for shopping? 
Are you partial to Etsy, or eBay?
Options, options.


1940s coat: Female Hysteria 
1940s rayon jersey novelty dress: Ooh La La
1940s purse & 1930s lettermens sweater: Lucky Dry Goods
1940s shoes: Le Frock
1940s Elzac squirrel brooch: antique store

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy