Friday, April 26, 2013

The Greatest of the Greats

Lately, I've been battling the organizational disaster that is scanning 1,000+ family photos, trying to wade through them, figure out who everyone is, and somehow match them up with other photos from the same people or day. Holy moly, it's been a process. But here's what I know so far: my family is fun to dig into. (Even the uh-oh sides.)

My great-grandfather had 5 sisters. That's a lot of ladies in one household, and boy oh boy were they awesome. And seemed to travel in a pack. So for your viewing pleasure, here's a collection of my 5 great-great aunts (is that the correct term?) and their friends. I would've loved to hang in this crowd, they seemed to be having a grand ol time. 

And here's when things get reaaally good..

Last but not least, whatever was happening on this day: I wish I was there.

It's no wonder I adore these women. I mean, really. Not only are their giggles infectious 85 years later, but damn... those Steen women were badass. Proud to be related.

xox Sara

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Delightfully Dotty

A summary: 

happy music! (hell has frozen over!)
polka dots!
ridiculous hats!
so much cheap fruit! (yay it's back in season!)

Yep. That all sounds about right.

Ok, vintage time.

I wish everything I owned had pockets like this.

Ahhh, this loopy hat. New York Creation, every damn time.
Also: I found these dot bakelite earrings in a dollar bin. In a vintage store. Pardon me while I just.. lololol. 

Hope you all are doing fabulous!

I'm going to the zoo on Thursday, so hopefully my next post will have some animals involved. Unless I get completely distracted by critters, which I might. There are lion cubs right now. Squee! Enough said.


1940s dress, 1950s box purse: Lucky Vintage
Bakelite heart: Lucky Dry Goods Etsy shop
1950s heels: Red Light
Bakelite bangles: err.. places?
1940s hat: Boss Vintage, Denver
1950s coat (and the chunky marble bangle!): Le Frock

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brighten Up

It may still be raining as I write this, but it finally feels like spring is truly here in Seattle.
I can take on all the rain the Pacific Northwest can muster, but having it be dark & cold... well that I could do without. The dark depths of winter have subsided, and I can't be more stoked. My lightweight coats have reappeared, and maybe I'll even stop wearing black all the time?! Ok, maybe not. But I'll at least make an effort to be more colorful... enter this outfit, I swear I'm trying, lol.

I'm completely obsessed with these 40s oxfords. Rainbow laces! 

I got this 30s celluloid, brass & bakelite necklace on Ebay for $20. 
Not sure why no one else was bidding, but yay!

I'm pretty into this 40s hat. It's wool felt, but due to the cutouts, open crown, & wide brim, I feel like it's going to be making appearances all summer. Plus, bows on the back!

I'd never seen rainbow corde before I met this purse. I want more or them! 
Internet searches are proving futile:(
Oh yes, and there is a lightweight coat involved. 

While I love those shoulders, the lining is absolutely the best part. Chartreuse animal novelty print!


Sorry that was so photo-heavy, I had a hard time weeding em out. My friend Jaynie just takes good pictures of me! (Thanks, girl!)

Hope all is well with you ladies (or gents?)


1940s dress, oxfords, hat: Lucky Vintage (hat) / Lucky Dry Goods
Bakelite: Markets/ antique stores, who knows.
1940s Purse: Red Light
1930s necklace: Ebay

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Filipino Found Photos

Hello all! I was cleaning today, and found this little batch of photos I'd forgotten about.

This little cluster was found in an antique mall outside Manitou Springs, Colorado. All must have belonged to the same person or family, and I think all but one were taken in the Philippines. It apparently spans the 1920s through the early 1950s. 

There is a lot of cute clothes & hair going on, holy moly.

It's hard to tell because of the shadows, but I think these are the same girls in both photos?

Written on the back (the handwriting!):


Written on the back: Lots of love, your sis, Dot. B. H. S. - '35

I feel like this was taken in the US, but apparently Dot moved to the Philippines, for here she is years later - on the far right! She reminds me a lot of Ingrid Bergman in this one.

I wonder if the gal on the far left is one of the sisters from the 20s photos... What do you think?

Last but not least, this family photo from 1953. Perhaps Aunt Florence is the lady shown above? I wish I knew! *whine*

On the back:

I tried googling anything I could to find out more about these people, but came up empty handed. Dangit. At the very least, we can let our imaginations play a guessing game!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Balloon Sleeves & Swing Coats

Hello lovelies!

It's time for an outfit post - shocking, I know. Last Sunday, my friend Jaynie & I hung out all afternoon & she snapped some shots. Randomly, I happened to be wearing my two of my favorite silhouettes - balloon sleeves & an ultra-swingy coat. Like many things, the more exaggerated they are, the more I like them. In that light, I'll introduce you to this crazy late '30s blouse.

I'm not sure pictures can quite do justice to how wide these sleeves are. The top half is completely pleated, allowing for soooo much fabric. It would be the most unflattering thing imaginable, if it weren't for the fitted bodice & nipped waist. Love.

Unsigned Miriam Haskell, swoon.

The detail of the bodice... Do any sewing-savvy gals out there know what this technique is called? Is it considered a type of fagoting? I should ask my grandmother, she'd know. Whatever it is, it looks tedious & time consuming... but also quite impressive & pretty. Bravo original owner, bravo.

And the coat. This coat rules, it's like wearing a fashionable snuggie. The illusion of classiness, when you are really just wearing a big blanket. Genius.

Carved bakelite button, mmmm.
I may or may not be covering a klutz-related coffee dribble with my hand.


Hope you enjoyed. It's terrible, my new years resolution was to be a more consistent blogger, and I've totally failed. (At least I'm succeeding with my other resolution, which was wear hats more often, lol.) But! I have been on Instagram quite a lot lately, so feel free to find me, @lilies_remains.


1930s blouse & 1950s coat: Lucky Vintage
1940s skirt: Pretty Parlor
1940s shoes: West Seattle Antique Mall
1930s Miriam Haskell brooch: Rhinestone Rosie