Friday, January 18, 2013

Midwinter Accessories, 1948

Brrr! As I shiver myself through this chilly winter day, I thought I'd share a brief article on winter accessories from a January 12, 1948 issue of Life magazine. Short, sweet, & cute as a button.


This winter they include revival of the perennial bonnet & shawl.

This is the time of the year when a woman surveys her wardrobe and then wrinkles her nose in pretty boredom. She does not want to make major additions to her winter apparel so late in the season, and yet she feels the urge to spruce herself up. This ubiquitous need has resulted in the winter accessory, which is designed to lend a fresh look to a familiar wardrobe. This year the fashion trend toward greater elegance has created a host of really new-looking accessories. They include new waist pinchers, glove & scarf sets, petticoats & quilted jackets. Most dramatic of all, however, is the renaissance of the Civil War period's bonnet & shawl. Shawls are either of simple wool or expensive fur. Bonnets, practical & flattering, provide an admirable substructure for pinning on the flowers, veils and ribbons that helps make the wait for spring clothes bearable.

A bonnet & shawl of green, yellow & white plaid chat with a Quaker bonnet of jersey and flannel shawl. All are from John Frederick.

Black lace and pale-pink apple blossoms decorate demure bonnet of light-blue felt from Sally Victor, $59.50. Shawl worn with it is Russian broadtail.

Outside waist pincher of black lastex gives familiar costume a new appearance, slenderizes waist. Made by Schaffer Belts, Inc., its costs $5.

 Matched sets - gloves, scarf and bag - are an important winter item. Set shown above is of black, red and yellow taffeta, costs $35 at Nat Lewis'.

Which is your favorite? I'm loving the sets! Not to mention, the pearls & scarf combo on the cover is a perfect pairing I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks, Life!

Hope you all are keeping cozy!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fur & Feathers

Hello darlings! I just returned from Portland (as in, I literally just got home), and wanted to share some shots from this weekends happenings. Ya'll have probably already seen these, as Solanah of Vixen Vintage & Janey of Atomic Redhead have beat me to the punch.... but you know what? I'm gonna share them anyways! Who knows, maybe there are actually people out there who follow me and not them..... ok, yeah right, hahaha. 

In any case! This weekend I attended the 2nd annual Fur & Feathers Luncheon, held by the oh-so-wonderful Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage. I attended last year as well, but at the time, I hadn't started this blog yet. 

Warning: This post contains a LOT of fur, obviously. 
 If you have a problem with vintage fur, I wouldn't recommend reading this one. Any negative comments will never be posted. I have very strong personal beliefs about vintage fur vs. new fur, as well as buying contemporary products in the first place! So we aren't going there, for my uh, claws, will come out;)

I had a frantic whatwilliwearfirstworldproblems meltdown - in which I almost ruined a '40s hat with an uh-mazing feather trying to pack it - and I just said the hell with it. I kept it simple, and brought along my new fox friend. I picked this little guy up when I visited Denver for Thanksgiving. I've always wanted one of these dudes, but have been intimidated by their price tags. So he was super cheap, but also a bit shabby. He has one eye, and is missing a paw. Life's hard, ya know?

I named him Tod, after a childhood favorite, The Fox & the Hound <3

Winking? Sure.

It was a dark in the restaurant, and we were all preoccupied chatting, so I didn't get too many shots inside. I already had the pleasure of knowing some of the ladies in attendance, plus I got to meet the acquaintance of some (crazy awesome) new gals. So much fun.

Oh, and Julie's boyfriend came too! Awash in a sea of vintage-loving women, with his beautiful lady at his side, Jesse probably had the best day of any of us;) Aren't they adorable?!


Janey, Candice, Angelica & Jennifer, of Jumbelaya Vintage

Julie & Sarah of Stutterin Mama Vintage in devastatingly beautiful hats. 
(As we all simultaneously swoon to death.)

Pictures can do no justice to the mind-blowing brilliance that is Jennifer's skirt. 
Most of the pictures didn't even come out due to the gleam!

I've always theoretically wanted to get my monkey cape cleaned and glossed, but have never wanted to pay for it... Until I felt Julie's monkey coat. It feels like a completely different animal than mine! It's so silky & light, I must save up and do this! Holy moly!

At this point I must apologize, I completely - & sincerely accidentally! - forgot to get pics of a few people (and Jesse's raccoon coat)! I'm so sorry if you weren't included here, you all looked sooo freaking amazing. Mega fail on my part.


1940s faille suit & 1940s beaded purse: Lucky Vintage
Fox: antique store
1930s necklace: Leann at Static Vintage, SF
1940s New York Creation hat: bought off the lovely Courtney Nelson
1940s platforms: Etsy. $10!! Sorry, I'll never stop bragging about that one, teehee.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucky Dry Goods

So basically, this is not an outfit post, because I'm being a lazy jerk. But just to tide you over, here is a shot taken by my best friend Jaynie (#the_mugwumpus), of me in the deadstock late 1930s sunglasses my mom got me for Christmas! I'm so in love! Ahhh!

 Did that sate your appetite for pics of me? Hope so. Regardless, I'm going to the annual Fur & Feathers party tomorrow in Portland, & will be sure to get lots of outfits pics. Stay tuned. Today, my post is about my sparkly new job! 

It's a bit convoluted, but here's the story: I've been working for the owner of Lucky Vintage on & off for a couple years now; in her other store for a bit & for one of her etsy shops, Lola Nye. So when she announced she was opening a new Lucky boutique location in Ballard, I was basically like... *omgomgcaryniwannaworktherepleasethanks*. And thus, the wheels were in motion. It took a lot of hard work on everyone's part, but we finally opened December 23!

You guys. It's a dream store. I'm the luckiest duck in the world to come to such a magical place & get paid for it. I mean, really. So today, I wanted to give you a lil peek into paradise, and show you some of my favorite things... and I really had to narrow this down. I thought I'd just take a few pics of the most drool-worthy, but then ended up with like, 80 pictures. Oh.. yeah, that's too much.

Drum roll please.....

Introducing Lucky Dry Goods!


As you might be able to tell, I'm super proud of our menswear section. It's a vintage workwear lovers wet dream. It's chock-full of classic labels like Pendleton, Filson, Eddie Bauer, L.L.Bean, Red Wing & Justin boots, Red Line Levis, etc. As well as goods for the dapper chap, like 30s-50s suits, trousers, shirts, hats & overcoats. And much, much more. I haven't been this floored by a mens selection since the secret "for Japanese pickers only" room at my old job in SF... let alone for the general public! Ladies, get your gents in here & reap the benefits of going on on the town with your well-dressed arm candy!

And don't worry, the ladies selection is just as killer.

I mean, LOOK at this wall. It's like an army of flappers.

Isn't that lamb & ermine collar/muff set outrageous? And don't even get me started on the full-length mint condition '40s monkey coat, the rant would never end.

And here are a few of my favorite things!
 Sorry for the jump, but it's a photo-heavy post:)