Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely folks out there!
Hope your holiday is full of friends, family, and cheer.
I completely failed at taking my own pictures, but I still wanted to share *something* today - here are some family photos from 1955. The "pictures" themselves aren't exactly what I love about these - it's the color quality, the clothes, and the crazy 50s prints. It's a peek into everyday life, not movie star publicity shots.

Uh... so that side of the family likes guns. (Seriously, there are guns-for-kids in 5/8 of those, lol.)
But: penny loafers, saddle shoes, cotton prints, wool, denim, flannel, that wallpaper, the furniture! 

P.S. My grandmother is the gal in the blue dress, isn't she cute?

Have a very happy New Year! See ya'll in 2014!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Spell

On the plus side.... coat season!

I'd been ogling this 40s coat on Etsy for a silly amount of time, and finally took the plunge, thanks to some birthday money from my grandmother.

Simple, but with dream tailoring & details. Herringbone woven wool, silk satin lining, swing straps, double flap pockets... And those buttons. The buttons. It's perfect.

This dress was also an online purchase, but from a Facebook group of all things. I never thought I'd buy anything on there. Honestly, I'd quit that specific group already. A lot of the items for sale on there are modern pin up or rockabilly clothes, and the actual vintage tends to be 50s (after all, it's a group for mid-century lovers). Basically, I'm just not their target audience. But when this 40s novelty print came up, my lovely friend Julie made sure to point it out to me. (Thanks, pretty lady!) ....And then I quit the group again. 

I wish you could see it in its full glory, but I'd have frozen.

So that's that.
What do you think? 
How do you all feel about Facebook groups for shopping? 
Are you partial to Etsy, or eBay?
Options, options.


1940s coat: Female Hysteria 
1940s rayon jersey novelty dress: Ooh La La
1940s purse & 1930s lettermens sweater: Lucky Dry Goods
1940s shoes: Le Frock
1940s Elzac squirrel brooch: antique store

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eye Catchers, 1942

Hello my dears! I accidentally disappeared. It's been getting dark around 4:30-5 pm, so outfit posts have been a challenge lately. But in the mean time, here's some preposterously awesome hats!

Eye-Catcher Hats
Life, October 5, 1942

Men have been blamed for a lot of things women do and now milliner Lilly Dache accuses them of driving women into eye-jeopardizing hats. These are high-rumpety bits of nonsense with feathers, veils, or brims reaching down over the right eye. Wihout so much as batting one of her own excitable Gallic eyes Madame Dache says, “Men in uniform, they like their women helpless. So we knock out one eye on the lady and catch all the men’s eyes.” Hats on these pages and one on cover are interesting examples. Hats are one of the few items of women’s wearing apparel unrestricted by government regulations. Milliners are using enough materials so that a hat looks like a hat and not a piece of string and the industry is at last determined to make them flattering.

A felt hat slanted over one eye has long been a Joan Crawford pet. This is a new Dache version.

Eye shield of lacquered lace is pretty camouflage for a lady with a wink of a black eye. This was Cherry Hannan’s first modeling job. No wonder she looked startled.

“Flirtation hat” is John Frederic’s name for this stovepipe hat. Black Chantilly lace nose veil covers both the eyes but the brim completely knocks out the right one. 

Seeing stars is no trick for the person wearing this hat. Black veiling studded with scintillating stars is draped over the pink felt crown and shoot down over the eyes.

White feather of glycerined ostrich is used in place of a veil to hide one eye and half the face. Ticklish males are likely to find this little bonnet a hazard when dancing.

So here's what I gleaned from this misogynistic gem of a fashion editorial: 
Men get blamed for lady behavior. You guys, life was so hard for dudes back in the day. (lol)
Men like women to be helpless, so we should dress as if we are, so we can entrap them. (muahaha)
If you happen to have a black eye, here is a good hat for you! (I can't even.)

Regardless, I would do terrible things to own that gorgeous 5th hat with the star veil. And that nonsense about one eye being covered making a woman look helpless? Nah. Hats like these may draw attention, but they are also super intimidating, and tend to discourage spineless creepers from even attempting. FTW in my books.

Hope ya'll are doing grand!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Danse Macabre

I couldn't resist doing another Halloween post.
Didn't have time to prepare for this one, but felt inspired to share the bit I have regardless. 
So here we go: costume photos from my family collection, from oldest to newest.

My great grandmother, on the left.

HOW adorable is my grandfather?!

Even when being mauled by her goofball husband, Great Aunt Barbie is still the cutest.

This last one is my favorite (the colors!), which is yours?

On a completely unrelated note:

It's amusing being such a 40s girl, people assume all kinds of humorously skewed things - when really I'm a foul mouthed, snarky, rather morbid, secret goth girl. So while I know you are here for vintage, I'm coming to realize more and more that I don't necessarily have to edit out everything else that I'm into. I'm not the only one who nerds out on Adrian as well as Siouxsie. So let's watch some dark music videos! I was going for "Halloween" themes, but ended up throwing a few extras in there as well. While these aren't necessarily my "favorite" music videos (um, hello Anton Corbin), they are perfect examples of internet magic: when music I love is paired with old film. It's a match made in vintage goth heaven.

Bauhaus - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes // The Skeleton Dance
Fun fact. Lilies & Remains = a Bauhaus reference. (Except spelled right.) 
It perfectly encompasses what I love about vintage, the beauty of course, but also the undeniable fact that it is the remains of past people's lives. Sometimes it's the only evidence they were ever here in the first place. When I think something is spectacular, I'm also respecting the person who picked it out in the first place. It's a connection to someone I can never know, but can honor their life by loving it like they did. Everyday dress is a memento mori, and there is something absolutely magical about that. 

Trisomie 21 - The Last Song
This is my favorite vintage/music video on youtube. Once it gets to Grant & Hepburn in The Holiday (ca. 3:55), I die a thousand deaths.

Sisters of Mercy - Body Electric // Metropolis

Suicide - Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne // Adrian, The Women
The Women (favorite movie) + Adrian (favorite designer) + Suicide
= fklgajnbegrh

Clan of Xymox - Louise // Louise Brooks Tribute

I'm curious to see who actually watches these;)

Happy Halloween, dark darlings.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everyday Is Halloween

I planned on doing an actual costume post for Halloween, but haven't even used my costume yet. Then it occurred to me, I treat every day like it's Halloween. Regardless of the occasional obnoxious offhand comments (are you in a play? what are you so dressed up for? are you going to a party?) - I'm going to wear whatever I want. And if that means I look like I'm in a costume, then the hell with it.

Life is too short to not wear what makes you happy, or care what other people think.
Plus, wearing dead peoples clothes everyday is pretty freaking macabre, hello.

So here's my (everyday is) Halloween post.

Since I'm obviously referencing Ministry, I'll end with this video up on youtube right now, using early Disney shorts. Bravo to whoever made this!

Happy Halloween one and all! Have fun and be safe!


1940s lily pad novelty dress: gift from a lovely friend
1940s platforms & late 30s - early 40s hat: Lucky Vintage / Lucky Dry Goods
1940s beaded purse: Red Light

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Detonation Boulevard

Seems like it's time for an outfit post, yes? Yes.

Sometimes it's the writing bit of blogging that's hardest, keeping it simple the week.
Words, who needs em?


1940s wool suit, pinstriped fleck coat & leather purse: Lucky Vintage
1940s Red Cross shoes: Le Frock
1940s wood elephant brooch: Antique store

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy

Friday, October 18, 2013

Peek, 1942

Anyone who likes vintage has seen their fair share of pinups. I mean, hello. But at this point, it's usually the same old, same old. Pretty girl, in a cheesecake pose, in different states of undress, perhaps with a theme. Today, I'm sharing a few articles from a Peek Quarterly, summer 1942. While a lot of the same applies, there's something a bit different about these. The "themes" are quirkier, and instead of just a photo, you get the added bonus of the hilarious(ly misogynistic*) commentary - what else would you expect? It's terrible and funny, at the same time. (... My favorite.)

*You should pay special attention to the "Blackout" story, and how it ends on a "is it justified to smack your wife?" query. *headdesk*

And we're off!

What did you guys think? Are these just the same ol same ol? Which is your favorite? Dead Eyed Judy Jons is certainly my favorite (uhh... the last photo? Ha!) The hiccups are a close second - obviously because I want to steal their clothes & shoes for myself. *shrug*