Friday, June 29, 2012

Creature Comforts

It's officially Summer in Seattle!
What does this mean?
It means it's cloudy, and crazy muggy.
And, my umbrella definitely had to come out with me last night.

It's perfect weather to throw on a fur stole & be good to go.

Luckily, I got these furry friends recently.
Total DIY job, someone literally took 6 minks and haphazardly tacked them together.
But I loooove them, so who cares?

So, so bizarre.
But the perfect size! It can be worn either as a stole, or as a giant collar over a coat.

This is probably my favorite rayon jersey '40s dress. 
It's basically riddled with holes.... the curse of rayon jersey!.... but the print.

Paired with a studded suede '40s box purse, snake skin '40s heels & an incredible '30s brass necklace.

It's an educated guess, but I think the shoes are cobra. 
If so, I need more cobras in my life, because the diamond pattern of the scales is phenomenal, and the skin seems a lot tougher than other kinds of snake.

I'm a sucker for '30s brass jewelry, something about the tone, something about the way it jangles.
This is hands down my favorite brass piece.
The first time I saw it, I got a bit dizzy.

Sorry there's no close up on the purse, but speaking of studded suede '40s accessories....

These were the shoes Irene was wearing yesterday.
I want a pair so bad, it hurts.
They are in immaculate condition.
Of course, size 6!
 I could cut off my toes, then maybe I could be a 6... Although I do own 28 pairs of peep toes, so maybe that wouldn't work out.

...28 pairs of peep toes? Really, Sara?
Yeah, I counted.

1940s rayon jersey dress: Lucky Vintage
1940s cobra heels: Red Light 
Mink mishmash: Red Light
1940s purse: Lucky Vintage
1930s brass necklace: Leann Wright at Static Vintage, San Francisco
Irene's 1940s slingbacks: Lucky Vintage

All photos courtesy of Irene Wang of Heirloom Attire

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black Celebration

It's Pride weekend here in Seattle! 

Needless to say, there are events galore, and so far it's been a fabulous weekend.
...And it's only Saturday afternoon.

Last night, my bombshell friend Courtney & I went to Hey Tranny, it's Tranny, a benefit for the Gay City Health Project. Of course, it was put on by the nightlife explosion of wonderful that is Nark Magazine.

Tickets were pricey (by my standards).... but we totally scored and got free tickets to this sold out event. 
The universe was looking out for us!

Oh, and nbd or anything, Sharon Needles was headlining. She was absolutely sickening, if you will.

So I gothed it up, in honor of the high witch of macabre dragdom.

Lace, silk, feathers, monkey fur, veiling....

And Courtney looked killer.

While her dress is a late '50s silk chiffon, the hooded aspect gave off an intense '40s Hedy Lamarr vibe... 

I didn't take many pictures, we were too busy dancing & gawking at how great everyone looked.

And LOOK at my friend Faith's 1940s butterfly kimono. I can't even...


Also... Sharon Needles drives a hearse. No joke.

Shut the front door!

So that was my night, looking forward to more dancing tonight!

1930s lace & silk gown (nightgown?): Red Light
1940s bra: Lucky Vintage
1930s-40s monkey fur muff: Red Light
1930s-40s hat: Ray's Ragtime
Faith's 1940s kimono: Lucky Vintage

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Telegram

After writing yesterday's post, I did a little poking around on the ol' interweb, hoping to find something on the couple in this telegram.

I never thought I would actually find anything, so I'd never tried before. Welp, I was wrong. 
Sadly, I found information via William's obituary, as he passed 10 years ago. Audrey passed in '86.
But! From the obit, I found out they were married & had 5 children, the youngest of whom I talked to on the phone this morning. 


It was one of the strangest calls I've ever made, and probably one of the oddest she has ever received. I was very nervous, and was shaking a little bit. But I'm so glad I called! I wasn't romanticizing the situation at all! This really was the telegram send to Audrey after William got back from serving in the Pacific!


There are still a few pieces of the puzzle missing. Obviously, he landed in Seattle first on his way back to Maryland, and sent her this telegram. So how did it end up being accidentally purchased by me, in Seattle? I have noooo clue. Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I'm saying goodbye to the telegram & sending it off to the rightful owners in Maryland. 
It makes me super happy to be able to return it to the family, all these years later!!


This is a great example of why I love vintage. Everything has a story. There's no such thing as a 70 year old garment without a story. Even if there is no way of ever knowing it, I still get a high off of imagining what it may be - where previous owners wore a dress, paired with what, and how it made them feel about themselves. There are instances when I get a bit more info, like this telegram, and it makes me feel like a million bucks.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Golden brown, bakelite & gators

What a fantastic day! 

Today I met with my friend Irene (of Heirloom Attire), and had a productively nerdy afternoon. We perused old magazines & graphics, as well as rifled through my closet (aka clothes-bomb bedroom of vintage). I had the pleasure of unloading some "too as is to sell" but too small for me 30s & 40s pieces on her, and then she snapped some pictures for an outfit post.

I think the best part was giving some unsellable lovelies to another vintage loving gal who wants to work with them. I absolutely HATE having pieces that don't fit me, but whose age shows. What to do with them? I sure as heck won't donate them, so they just sit there. Adding to the pile, forever & always.


Today I went with a simple late 1940s navy blue rayon dress, with golden brown accessories. Sometimes the simplest, cheapest '40s dresses are the best, because it makes accessorizing a snap.

I caught my hem on my heel as we were rummaging through jewelry. I would feel embarrassed, but I think all vintage wearing gals know how this goes - it may be a hem, it may be an armpit hole, it may be a stocking run.... it happens to us all, constantly. As the girl who ends up fixing all my vintage friends' wardrobe boo-boos (boo-hoos?), I know I'm not the only one.

Realizing my hem is down...

What. Ever.

Adore this 1940s hat. 
It's SUEDE. Really?! Suede & feathers, and a snood strap that ties? Ummm, yeah! 
Rootbeer bakelite earrings were a lovely Goodwill surprise.

The carved rootbeer bakelite lapel pin is new in my life. My father visited recently, and we took the ferry to Whidbey Island, where I forced him to stop at every antique store. 

It was definitely a worthwhile endeavor, even when I had to encounter a few spiders nests in the 1940s magazine I bought.
(*mega shudder*)

I love that the watch is upside down, so you can just glance down at the time.

1940s spectators. Yeah, they've seen better days, but whoooo caaaares. They are comfy & cute!

This is Louie. He is a dear friend of mine. 

It's kinda silly (read: morbid), but I like to think of this purse as "Mama" & "Baby". Yep... Terrible.

As soon as my eyes caught the gaze of his beady little glass eyes, I knew we were destined for one another. The woman who sold it to Lucky said he came from New Orleans, thus I named him Louie.

After much swooning, I took him out on the town & discovered this Western Union telegram inside one of the pockets, dated 1946.

I haven't separated them since... how could I?

It may be my tenancy to romanticize the inane, but I like to think William just got back from the War, and was notifying his lady he'd be home soon. Don't dash my hopes!

Love, love, love it!

P.S. The thing I forgot to mention is: Irene & I were looking through old magazines and graphics online solidifying inspiration for a new blog header. I can't wait! Love that girl!

1940s dress: Red Light, Portland
1930s bakelite lapel watch: Mutiny Bay Antiques
1940s hat: Boss Vintage, Denver CO
1930s - 40s bakelite earrings: Goodwill
1940s alligator bag: Lucky Vintage
1940s spectator shoes: Lucky Vintage

Friday, June 15, 2012

Portland Vacation

As I previously mentioned, I headed down to Portland this week, and took a much-needed mini vacation! 

Got to spend a bit of time with my wonderful mom, as well as meet up with some fabulous vintage loving ladies!

Wednesday, I met Solanah of Vixen Vintage, Janey of Atomic Redhead, and Cassandra of Dear John Vintage. While I absolutely adored our lunch, I failed to get any pics of the restaurant, as I was too distracted chatting... and staring at Solanah's dress, and Cass' accessories... oops!

After lunch, we went next door to the Ace Hotel & got giggly cramming 4 people into a photobooth.

It's great going out together, because while we are all vintage obsessed, we tend to rock different eras & looks... love it!

I drooled over this dress all day, and never asked about it because I just assumed it was '40s... turns out, she made it from a '40s sewing pattern, and a '90s skirt! What?! Even the print is soooo spot on!

I sincerely envy those sewing skills. I certainly lack the focus (and time) to ever finish a project from scratch. I can barely fend off my always rotating mending pile.

My outfit for the day?

One of my favorites! A 1940s rayon jumpsuit with a hood! It's like... a siren suit, meets Madeleine Vionnet's Culotte Dress. Half casual, half a full gown, 110% AMAZING
Every time I see it, my brain explodes again, even though it is mine.

I paired it with one of my favorite celluloid chain necklaces - cherry overload!

Hell yeah.
I have a ton more to post about Portland, including a mass sneak peek of shopping finds.... seriously, there is a Lilly Dache '40s straw sunhat that makes my toes curl. I can't wait to show it off! 
But that will have to wait for tomorrow!

In sad news, I got home after driving 3 hours, only to pass a local vintage place and see a memorial shrine to one of my favorite store cats, Petunia. I guess she passed on Tuesday :( 
She was always a pleasure to visit, and took adorable naps in the window at all hours.


Thanks to Solanah for letting me steal the pics of me, and the pic of her. I'm just getting the hang of this whole blog thing, and kind of failing. You're *the best*!
Shoes: Edie's
Necklace: Rhinestone Rosie
1940s jumpsuit: Mae Vintage Inc - Seriously, check out this shop, it's one of my favs on etsy. Not only is it beautifully curated and very fairly priced, but the owner is a total sweetheart. Smitten!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Not a] Post

Sooomebody had the pleasure of working 90+ hours over 7 days, thus...

No time for blogs!

Wah waahhh.

At the very least, I'll share a couple photos taken over the last few days.

Picture #1: 

At work, a lovely gal came in holding this umbrella. Of course, I instantly started drooling.

Living in Seattle, I usually have to carry around an umbrella. Thus, I end up buying silly numbers of fun old umbrellas. Usually variations on a theme - different colors, different sorts of carved bakelite & lucite handles, etc. If you have to use them constantly, let's at least spice it up, amiright? 

(This is also why I own a bagillion coats. Coats, after all, are outfits you wear on the outside of your outfit. Duh.)

Turns out, the sweetheart was planning on selling it! And in under a minute, it was mine!

Not only was I stoked on the material & the carved apple juice bakelite handle, but it just so happened to already match my outfit that day!


Picture #2:

On Saturday, I went to a fantastic '80s night. I may be stuck in the '40s garment-wise, but I'm 100% stuck in the dark gothy depths of the '80s musically. So I danced my antsy dancey pants off. 
(Ok, so I was wearing a dress, sue me.)

Plus, they had a photobooth. And if you can't tell, I always take photobooth pics when the opportunity presents itself. It's actually a self imposed rule.

While you can't see my awesome outfit (there was a '40s dress with *matching cape* involved, as well as some amazing '40s spectator heels)... You can at least check out my phenomenal new '40s hat. 

It makes my heart flip-flop! And it has ribbon tails. Swoon-tastic, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow I head down to Portland, where I will be meeting some extra fabulous vintage gals on Wednesday for food and vintage nerding purposes. 

I pinky swear there will posts involved. And a hooded jumpsuit that will make your brain explode.


1950s sweater: Lucky Vintage
1940s umbrella: pure luck!
Orange bakelite bangle: Red Light
Yellow bakelite bangle: Le Frock

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lily Pad Novelty Print

Yesterday, my dear friend Faith & I took a little trip to her work, Le Pichet.

Love, love, love this place. 

Phenomenal French food, no Americanized nonsense. Mmmmmmm.

Plus: There's this....

Ahem, anyways...

To state the obvious: I love this dress.
Novelty print lily pads, my favorite '40s neckline, and a giant bow. 

Gives me goosebumps!!

Giant green apple bakelite earrings!

I've been having a long term love affair with this silk velvet '30s coat.
I've mended it a hilarious number of times, and it is literally turning to dust. But I will love it until the bitter end. Luckily, this coyote collar covers a large hole, but that will be our little secret.

After Le Piche, I met some friends up at a vegan bar.... 
Just in the nick of time, I remembered to hide the fur.

Here's Laurel & Jaynie, aren't they pretty? Love these girls!
1940s dress: gift from the talented Lauren Olson
1940s heels: Lucky Vintage 
1940s bakelite earrings: Lucky Vintage
Coyote fur collar: Lucky Vintage
1930s coat: Antique store